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Why You Might Want a Solo 401(k) Retirement Plan

By Bob Palechek, CPA | May 15, 2020

A Solo 401(k) – also called a one-participant 401(k) — is much like a regular 401(k) plan, and has the same rules and requirements of any other 401(k). But, it is designed for the self-employed or small business owner without eligible employees. It does allow a business owner’s employee spouse to be part of the Read more…

Live Long and Prosper: Have a Plan for Care

By Thomas "Greg" Darden, CLTC | May 1, 2020

Planning, planning, planning.  It seems like that’s all we hear about these days.  Career planning, family planning, financial planning, retirement planning.  Then what?  What do we plan for after planning for retirement? We also need to plan for living a long life.  As a population we are living longer.  A 65-year-old today can expect to Read more…

correlation and diversification

Investment Management: Cost Basis Choices in the Drawdown Phase

By Scott Roark, MBA, PhD | April 17, 2020

When it comes time to start living off the investment accounts you’ve spent a lifetime building up, there are some choices that can help you manage your taxes.  The rest of this article presumes that you have taxable brokerage investments – such as stocks, ETFs or mutual funds that are not part of retirement accounts.  Read more…

Attention: Coronavirus Message from Jim

By Jim Saulnier, CFP | April 14, 2020

At Jim Saulnier & Associates, our clients’ and employees’ health and safety is our top priority.  In response to recent developments regarding COVID-19, we want to assure you that we are monitoring information developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and are heeding their recommendations very seriously. We are committed to keeping Read more…

IRA Rollover Rules and Taxation

By Bob Palechek, CPA | April 3, 2020

You own your retirement funds.  That grants you some flexibility in what you do with the funds and where you put them.  But with flexibility comes responsibility, and you are responsible for following all of the IRS’s rules. You may get help from plan custodians, administrators, or bankers, but that does not relieve you of Read more…

Long-Term Care Insurance Part 2: How Do I Fund It?

By Thomas "Greg" Darden, CLTC | March 6, 2020

This is the second part of a 2-part series on long-term care insurance where we look at its funding sources. In Part 1 we looked at what long-term care is, what it should cover, the care setting, and the cost of care. What are my possible funding sources? One thing is certain: long-term care (LTC) requires Read more…

Long-Term Care Insurance Part 1: How Much Do I Need?

By Thomas "Greg" Darden, CLTC | February 21, 2020

Every type of insurance you buy is a roll of the dice. Will you ever need it? And if you do, will it give you the coverage you thought you were buying? Long-term care (LTC) insurance is a classic case where you might ask these questions. The answers you get are typically just statistics. While Read more…

Five Positives and a Negative about the SECURE Act

By Bob Palechek, CPA | February 7, 2020

The U.S. Government is finally reacting to its concern that Americans are not saving enough for retirement. (About one-quarter of working Americans have no retirement savings.) So, Congress started writing bills and resolutions that would make it easier for certain employers to offer retirement plans to their employees – and for workers to save more Read more…

Flexible LTC Insurance Options

Long-Term Care Insurance: Four Key Features

By Thomas "Greg" Darden, CLTC | January 17, 2020

Your approach to funding a long-term care (LTC) plan may include insurance. While all LTC insurance policies are required by law to contain specific standard provisions, four features play a fundamental role when designing a long-term care policy that fits your needs. Each of these features affects the amount of premium you will pay. They Read more…

Tax Scams: How Not to Be a Victim

By Jo Madonna, E.A. | January 3, 2020

Thousands of people lose personal data and millions of dollars to tax scams each year, despite the IRS publishing its ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of top scams year after year. The IRS encourages Americans to remain ever vigilant and to become aware of the scams and tactics used in order to protect personal information. While scammers Read more…

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