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Social Security

While much-maligned for being underfunded, Social Security, nevertheless, forms the basis of most people’s retirement. Understanding its rules and regulations – and maximizing its benefits – is a crucial aspect of comprehensive retirement planning.

At Jim Saulnier and Associates, we recognize the nuances of Social Security. We know the various claiming strategies and which ones work best for each individual client. Claiming strategies are a frequent topic of our blog and radio show. Although we include a Social Security maximization report in our Secure Retirement Income Process® retirement plan, we regret to inform that at this time we will not be accepting any new Social Security Optimization clients in order to better care for our current clients. We pride ourselves in excellent client attention and service, and have chosen to place a hiatus on accepting new patrons to better serve their needs. We are grateful for your understanding in this matter.

Want to learn more about social security? Please read our FAQ page.