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Income Planning

During your working years, you lived within the bounds of your paycheck. In retirement, you’ve replaced the security of that single paycheck with other sources of income, namely pensions, annuity income and Social Security.

Our Income Planning Service helps you optimize all three potential sources of income.

Government pensions such as PERA, CSRS or FERS, or private pensions, can be difficult to understand. We help you make sense of your pension and optimize your benefits.

Annuities are probably the most confusing insurance product. If you have an annuity and don’t comprehend all its ins and outs, we will sit down with you to help you better understand your plan options and claiming strategies.

Social Security can be a very complex benefit. With our popular and affordable Social Security Analysis, we can help you maximize your Social Security benefits.

Schedule a meeting with us today (we call it a “Coffee & a Second Opinion”) to see how Jim Saulnier and Associates can help you optimize your various sources of income.    

Want to learn more about income planning? Please read our FAQ page.