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About You

You want to work with a dedicated and knowledgeable retirement planning professional, not a sales representative. You take retirement planning seriously, and realize that you have only one chance to live a comfortable retirement. Proactive and practical, you usually have no desire to manage your financial affairs on a daily basis and aim to simplify your life. You don’t want to beat the stock market, but you do want to achieve your retirement goals. With Jim Saulnier and Associates, you get what you value most: a long-term, committed relationship with dedicated and knowledgeable financial advisors offering competent, unbiased and ethical advice.

About Us

The retirement planning team at Jim Saulnier and Associates is comprised of caring professionals who are committed to creating personalized retirement plans that are tailored to our clients’ needs. With over 16 years of studying and managing the retirement planning puzzle in Northern Colorado, we have the experience and integrity to create a retirement plan that works for you.

It is important to us that our clients have someone they can confidently turn to for assistance with their retirement planning needs. Discover more about us and what makes us different on these pages.

About our Relationship

We recognize that any relationship must be based on confidence and mutual understanding. We partner with you in either the accumulation or distribution stage of your retirement planning process, and we provide objective planning and management of your investment assets. We act with integrity and honesty in every stage of the retirement planning process, and work openly in every facet of our relationship with you. It’s not just about your money or assets; it’s about what is important to you. We want to work with you to help you achieve your financial and emotional goals for retirement. We prefer regular and ongoing communication with you and encourage you to meet with us a few times a year, usually over a cup of coffee or tea, to discuss your needs. We also welcome your questions, comments and concerns anytime.