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April 2016 – Enrolled Agent

March 2016 – Estate and Life Planning

February 2016 – Secure Income Options: Social Security vs Annuity

January 2016 – Child-in-Care Spousal Benefit

2015 Fourth Quarter Financial Update

December 2015 – Social Security Tradeoffs

November 2015 – Changes to Social Security

October 2015- MACRAbats

September 2015 – Last Chance to Undo a Roth Conversion

August 2015 – Custodial IRAs

2015 Second Quarter Financial Update

July 2015 History of W.T. Early
A brief history of the man who built the home our office currently occupies.

June 2015 – LTC vs Chronic Illness
Why these designations matter to the IRS and how they can impact the cash value of your insurance policy’s benefit.

May 2015 – Hybrids Aren’t Just Cars
Long Term Care Insurance Hybrids

April 2015 – Caution New IRA Rules (Part 2)

March 2015 – Caution New IRA Rules (Part 1)

February 2015 – Social Security is a Better Deal Than You Think

January 2015 – Long Term Care…Its Not Just Insurance

December 2014 – It’s Almost Too Late for a 2014 Roth Conversion
How you can use the 60-day rollover rule to your advantage

November 2014 – It’s Roth IRA Conversion Season
A few things to consider about converting Traditional IRAs and 401(k)s to a Roth IRA

October 2014 – Medicare Open Enrollment for 2015
What to do and when to do it