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Meet the Team

  • Jim Saulnier, CFP®Founder

    Jim Saulnier, CFP®

    Jim SaulnierJim is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who specializes in retirement planning. He is an impartial, fee-based planner, with absolutely no sales quotas or production requirements. Jim’s goal is to deliver unsurpassed service and professional insight to clients who make planning their retirement a top priority and he measures his success not by performance statistics or product sales, but by the comfort and prosperity his clients enjoy in retirement.

    Jim hasn’t always been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Jim’s love of the outdoors motivated his first career path. He graduated cum laude from the University of Massachusetts with a natural resources degree and worked in London, England and Cape Cod, MA as an arborist.

    Who knew? Jim also…

    • used to live in London.
    • drove cross country eight times (but not in a row!).
    • was a black belt in Goju Ryu Karate.
    • has had two fingers reattached (or put another way, is accident prone!).

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    Over time, Jim found he enjoyed a higher level of public service and became attracted to law enforcement. He became a police officer… and went back to school, graduating magna cum laude with a master’s degree in criminal justice from Anna Maria College.

    After serving seven years on the street patrol division and SWAT team, Jim suffered an on-duty injury to his knee that eventually led to the end of his law enforcement career. Jim took this as an opportunity to follow a new calling he had developed an interest in: retirement planning.

    Jim enrolled in the Financial Planning Program at Boston University, graduated, and went on to gain his CFP® certification – proof that he meets some of the highest educational and ethical standards in the industry.

    In 1999 Jim relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado and began his financial planning career. Over time, Jim tapped his accumulated knowledge and experience to develop his unique Secure Retirement Income Process™.

    The common threads on Jim’s path are his dedication to excellence and his commitment to public service. Never satisfied with doing something “good enough,” Jim has always wanted to be associated with the top percentile in his field. This dedication to excellence is evident in his younger years as a certified arborist and SWAT officer, and now, as a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, helping people maximize their retirement.

  • Chris Stein, CFP®Retirement Data Analyst & Finance Instructor at CSU

    Chris Stein, CFP®

    A full-time instructor at Colorado State University in the Finance department and a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, Chris began working with Jim in early 2008 and his support skills have been instrumental in helping Jim prepare retirement plans. Known for his meticulous data entry and attention to detail, Chris has helped elevate the firm’s retirement analysis reports through his custom created spreadsheets for reviewing and analyzing withdrawal percentages. Although you may not meet Chris personally when at the office, his thorough and painstaking data entry and analysis is appreciated by the firm’s clients who are relying on the outcome of his efforts for planning their retirement!

    Who knew? Chris also…

    • enjoys the perfect Margarita.
    • is an avid fly fisherman (when he gets the chance).
    • owns a flock of backyard chickens.
    • takes great pleasure in dominating students half his age at video games.

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    “Jim and I have developed a method for analyzing a client’s retirement situation that is straight forward, easy to understand and just makes sense. In a world where there are advisors around every corner with all kinds of complicated and confusing suggestions, I am proud that our methods resonate so well with people and allow clients to approach their retirement with a greater sense of understanding and control.” – Chris

  • Justin Fundalinski, MBA

    Justin Fundalinski, MBA

    Justin is a major component to our retirement planning process and has his hands in most things analytical. He received his MBA with an emphasis in finance and with honors from Arizona State University (that is…he loves to crunch numbers). Justin has helped refine our planning approach and added a tax tilt to most every service we provide. He handles the vast majority of the plan data entry, plan development, and plan reports – so if you’re working with us you will likely hear from him. He also provides tax preparation and advanced tax planning for our clients.

    Who knew? Justin also…

    • hiked across the Grand Canyon in one day with his wife… and then hiked back the next morning.
    • traveled to various countries but found his biggest culture shock in Los Angeles.
    • is a Buffalo, NY native and is on a never-ending search in for a decent chicken wing.
    • often calls work a vacation because his three kids at home are far more demanding.
    • enjoys being a geek.

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    Justin and his wife Katie keep busy at home chasing after their three children (Ethan, Adeline, and Mae). As a family they are avid hikers, campers, bikers, runners, and just about anything that allows them to spend time outdoors. Justin has a passion for the bike, which he considers to be the finest creation known to man. He is an avid mountain biker, has cycled various countries and country sides for weeks or months at a time, and has studied frame building and brazing under a master frame builder.

    In regards to his employment Justin said, “I joined here because of the opportunity to work in an office that uses its strengths and skillsets for the betterment of the client. Some of the finest moments in my career were simply when the advice or suggestions I made put a client at ease and in a position to make better decisions. I am honored to be a part of this office and to continue to help people.”

  • Travis Raish, CFAInvestment Consultant

    Travis Raish, CFA

    Travis Raish, CFA is not affiliated with Cambridge.

    Contact Information for Travis Raish, CFA
    (770) 500-0888

    Travis Raish, CFA, is an investment and portfolio management consultant and the lead researcher and administrator of our Investment Committee. This Committee meets no less than monthly to review overall portfolio performance as well as the performance of all individual investments to ensure they continue to meet our stringent standards. Travis uses his expertise and training as a Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) to research new potential investment opportunities for consideration in our portfolios. In addition the Committee relies on Travis’s knowledge and expertise to recommend the replacement of individual investments that no longer meet our standards. Travis’s role is to ensure that all individual investments recommended for inclusion in our portfolios are fully meeting our – and your –expectations.

    Travis lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife and two children.

    Who knew? Travis also…

    • Is an actual Colorado native (yes, they do exist).
    • Has adopted two children from Russia.
    • Enjoys writing fiction in his spare time.


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    Travis has over 20 years of experience in professional money management, including experience as a portfolio manager and as an equity analyst at a Denver-based mutual fund company. In addition to his work as an investment consultant, Travis is an adjunct professor with The College for Financial Planning in Greenwood Village, Colorado, having mentored hundreds of financial planners through the Investment Planning curriculum in their pursuit of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.

    Travis is a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder; a designation offered through the CFA Institute, and is a member of the CFA Society of Atlanta. He received his undergraduate degree from Colorado State University, and his graduate degree, with honors, from Regis University.



  • Brandon Rains, J.D.

    Brandon Rains, J.D.

    Brandon Rains and The Rains Law Firm are not affiliated with Cambridge.

    Contact Information for Brandon Rains
    8400 East Crescent Parkway, Suite 600
    Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
    (720) 528-4227

    Brandon Rains, JD is an attorney who focuses exclusively on estate planning and business formation and succession. He believes that estate planning is an investment that his clients are making in themselves and their loved ones. His mission is to provide comprehensive, client-focused, and relationship-based legal services. He enjoys educating others about estate planning and doing what is best for his clients.
    Brandon is an attorney by profession, but a historian by nature. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in history. He spends his free time with his wife and three sons.

    Who knew? Brandon also…

    • Has circumnavigated the globe.
    • Speaks Spanish and Portuguese.
    • Has never broken a bone.



  • Tina GableBack Office Admin

    Tina Gable

    tina_headshot_240X300Tina is the Back Office Admin at Jim Saulnier and Associates. She handles Compliance, in-house documentation and staff training as well as client billing. Tina strives to ensure that we are working at our optimal best so that you have the best possible experience with our office. Tina has over 30 years of varied administrative experience including working for oilfield management, environmental consulting and higher education fields. Her detailed organizational skills include processing royalty distributions, developing air pollution emission reports, keeping up on compliance issues, and handling thousands of college admissions applications.

    Who knew? Tina also …

    • enjoys attending Renaissance Faires in full historical dress.
    • is a former equestrian with experience in both Western and English disciplines.
    • is a published author: short article submitted to Colorado Mountain Club on best loved hikes in the Fort Collins area.

  • Laura EvansOffice Admin

    Laura Evans

    As the general office administrator, Laura answers your calls, schedules appointments, processes paperwork, and diligently works to keep your experience with Jim Saulnier & Associates positive and smooth.  Laura received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education degree from Bowling Green State University, and absolutely loves both teaching and learning.

    Who knew? Laura also …

    • Competed in a national curling tournament in 2008.
    • Was charged at by a rhino while assisting a zookeeper in high school. (The zookeeper later made her hand-feed it lettuce to make peace.)
    • Received the John Phillip Sousa Award in 2007.
    • Briefly wanted to be a clown, and can still make balloon animals and juggle… kind of.
    • Is fiercely competitive, especially when it comes to Euchre.

  • Julia BauerMarketing Coordinator

    Julia Bauer

    Whether you’re using Jim’s website, interacting with us on social media or reading our newsletter, Julia’s meticulous attention to detail ensures you’ll have the best experience possible.

    Who knew? Julia also…

    • has been to Stonehenge.
    • was briefly taken hostage by a Mexican drug cartel.
    • lived with food foragers in Paraguay.
    • can name all 206 bones in the human body.

  • Peter B. Scott, J.D., LL.M. (Tax), CFP®Radio Show Co-host

    Peter B. Scott, J.D., LL.M. (Tax), CFP®

    Peter Scott and Coan, Payton and Payne, LLC are not affiliated with Cambridge.

    Contact Information for Peter Scott and Coan, Payton & Payne, LLC.
    103 W. Mountain Ave, Suite 200
    Fort Collins, CO 80524
    (970) 225-6700

    Peter Scott, J.D., LL.M. (Tax), CFP®, along with Jim and Chris, is a co-host on The Retirement and IRA Show. He is an attorney with the law firm Coan, Payton and Payne, LLC in Fort Collins, CO and has been advising families and businesses owners on how to protect their assets and minimize or avoid taxes for over 40 years. His advice focuses on helping people preserve and pass on their wealth and their legacy by making informed decisions through proactive planning.

    Who knew? Peter also…

    • enjoys eating good food only slightly more than actually cooking it.
    • worked for the telephone company in Norway for part of one summer on a job exchange program.
    • was within 10 miles of Woodstock (yes, the Woodstock) and chose to go to Cape Cod instead. (It was raining.)

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    In addition, Peter is a nationally known educator and author. He has taught continuing education classes to other professionals on such topics as estate, business, tax and charitable planning. He has taught classes at Metropolitan State University of Denver, Front Range Community College; the Estate and Wealth Strategies Institute at Michigan State University; the Academy of Multidisciplinary Practice in Sarasota, Florida; the Investment Management Consultants Association; the Business Enterprise Institute; the American Society of Women Accountants; the National Business Institute; and others. Peter has been listed in Who’s Who in American Law.

    He received his LL.M. in Taxation and his law degree from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri; and an A.B. in Business Administration and Economics from Drury University. He has also earned the designation of Certified Financial Planner.® Peter has written five books on estate planning and business succession. The latest book is: “Being in Business is a Funny Thing – Getting Out is Not, a Business Owner’s Guide to Growing & Transitioning the Business.

  • Lucas Casarez, CFP®

    Lucas Casarez, CFP®

    Lucas Casarez and Level Up Financial Planning, LLC are not affiliated with Cambridge.

    Lucas Casarez is not an employee of Jim Saulnier and Associates.

    Contact Information for Lucas Casarez and Level Up Financial Planning
    (970) 222-6783

    Lucas Casarez is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who specializes in financial planning for young professionals and growing families. He believes that access to a financial planner is critical to young families to build a foundation of financial knowledge and the confidence that comes with it. To serve his peers, he adopted a fee only model, which doesn’t require asset management or sales.

    Prior to becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Lucas and his wife Brittany lived in Illinois. They chose to relocate to Fort Collins, CO so that Lucas could finish his bachelor’s degree with a Financial Planning concentration from Colorado State University, which he obtained December 2014.

    Who knew? Lucas also…

    • Is a huge boxing fan.
    • Knocked out his two front teeth playing laser tag.
    • Thought he lost the engagement ring, as he kayaked to the spot where he would propose.