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correlation and diversification

Portfolio Diversification and Asset Correlation

By Scott Roark | July 5, 2019

What is Correlation? Correlation between asset returns is an important consideration when you are managing portfolio diversification.  Correlation is a statistical measure of the relationship between items. An easy example to understand is the correlation between height and weight.  Usually, when height increases, weight also increases and you have what is called a “positive correlation” Read more…

Excess IRA contributions

Excess IRA Contributions, Part 3: Fixing Them

By Jim Saulnier | June 21, 2019

Fixing Excess IRA Contributions  Albert Einstein is said to have said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” So, if we managed to create the problem of excess IRA contributions, we might want to involve a knowledgeable advisor when it comes to fixing excess IRA contributions at Read more…

Excess IRA Contributions, Part 2: How They Happen

By Jim Saulnier | June 7, 2019

How Excess IRA Contributions Can Happen If you simply put the right amount of money each year in the right IRA account and allowed it to grow until time to withdraw funds, managing traditional IRAs would be smooth sailing. However, both life – and the desire to maximize the returns on your retirement funds – Read more…

Excess IRA Contributions, Part 1: Basic Qualifications

By Jim Saulnier | May 24, 2019

Excess IRA Contributions: Basic Qualifications We hear a lot about how important it is to contribute to an IRA. So, ‘how to contribute correctly’ becomes an important topic. Not that it is difficult, but there are some important rules regarding IRA contribution qualifications that you have to follow. And since you put money into an Read more…

correlation and diversification

It’s All Relative (Performance)

By Scott Roark | April 20, 2019

There are plenty of circumstances in life where you really don’t want to compare yourself with others.  Doing that is a fairly reliable way to make yourself feel bad – there will always be someone better looking, more athletic, more successful or richer than you.  But in the world of investing, it is critical to Read more…


Top 5 Year End Retirement Tax Planning Tips

By Jack Krumeich-Miller, E.A. | December 22, 2018

As the year comes to a close, there is still a window of time to make your last tax moves to prepare for filing season and get the most from your tax situation.  There are five specific retirement tax planning tips this article will focus on: Itemizing Deductions has changed for 2018 – The new Read more…

Tax Document Retention: When the IRS Can Request Documents

By Jack Krumeich-Miller, E.A. | November 21, 2018

When I first began preparing tax returns for friends and family, it was all done on paper.  It was all mailed in.  It was all physically saved in filing cabinets.  And, I was always told I could shred anything after 3 years.  However, that is not exactly true. Now it can all mostly be done Read more…


2019 Changes to Income Related Medicare Premiums

By Justin Fundalinski, MBA | July 20, 2018

Several years ago, I wrote an article about the changes coming in 2018 on income related Medicare premiums. Better known as the Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (or IRMAA), this provision of Medicare rears its head and increases Medicare premiums as individual or couple’s income rises. It’s essentially an added tax, or a way to help fund Read more…

tax torpedo

Social Security and the Tax Torpedo

By Justin Fundalinski, MBA | June 21, 2018

In a previous article I discussed in detail the intricacies of how Social Security gets taxed. In some cases no Social Security income is taxable while in others up to 85% of Social Security income is taxable. Because of the unique way Social Security income phases into taxation, there is a “window” when every additional Read more…

Sequential Risk

By Justin Fundalinski, MBA | May 20, 2018

“Sequential risk” or “sequence of returns risk” is a well-defined and highly discussed term in the retirement planning and investment industry. Under certain circumstances it can be one of the largest risks pre-retirees and early retirees face. Much of the basis of our firm’s retirement planning strategies is formed around managing this risk, and the Read more…

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