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Roth conversion

Last Chance to Undo a Roth Conversion

By Justin Fundalinski, MBA | September 15, 2015

As a client of ours, a radio show listener, or someone who just happens to get our newsletter, it is very likely that you have heard many appealing reasons to convert your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. Considering that the October 15th IRS deadline to “undo” Roth conversions is upon us (technically the IRS Read more…

custodial IRA

Custodial IRA

By Justin Fundalinski, MBA | August 15, 2015

Helping Kids Retire Here at the office we talk a lot about Roth IRAs and the benefits of tax deferral and exemption.  However, much of the benefits derived from tax deferral are demonstrated the longer taxes are deferred and the longer the account is allowed to grow.  Of course, some variation of this concept has Read more…

W.T. Early home

A History of W.T. Early

By Julia | July 15, 2015

Those of you who have visited us at 506 E. Mulberry St. in Fort Collins know that the office occupies a remodeled house that was originally built in 1904 by W.T. Early. This historic home and its original occupants have always sparked our interest, so recently Jim asked G. Sam Foster of Trees and Trees Read more…

Long Term Care

Long Term Care vs Chronic Illness

By Justin Fundalinski, MBA | June 15, 2015

Why these designations matter to the IRS and how they can impact the cash value of your insurance policy’s benefit. Last month, we scratched the surface on pros and cons of life insurance policies that are designed as “hybrids” and have a primary purpose to provide long term care (LTC) benefits under a special long Read more…

Hybrids Aren’t Just Cars – Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance Policies

By Justin Fundalinski, MBA | May 15, 2015

    In the realm long term care there is undoubtedly one major push back that we frequently hear, “What if I pay all those expensive premiums and never need long term care?”  I have a one word answer to that – GOOD! Have you ever heard someone complain about their house not burning down Read more…

IRA distributions

Caution: New IRA Rules (Part 2)

By Justin Fundalinski, MBA | April 15, 2015

Last month I focused our monthly article on helping you understand that it is not an IRA custodian’s responsibility to give advice on how to take IRA distributions.  It was discussed how they dismiss themselves from any responsibility if a distribution is taken incorrectly and you are forced to suffer undue tax consequences. I also Read more…

IRA rules

Caution: New IRA Rules (Part 1)

By Justin Fundalinski, MBA | March 15, 2015

In the world of IRAs, IRA Custodians (financial intuitions that are approved by the IRS to hold such retirement accounts) have lots of responsibilities that they must uphold. However, it is not their responsibility to assure you know the differences among all the confusing terminology that revolves around IRA withdrawals/transfers and the tax consequences behind Read more…

Social Security

Social Security Is a Better Deal Than You Think

By Justin Fundalinski, MBA | February 15, 2015

For quite some time now there has been a movement afoot to “privatize” Social Security. The argument for privatization promotes the view that individuals would be able to generate far greater lifetime income if they did not have to contribute to Social Security. The premise is based on the belief that if workers were allowed Read more…

Long Term Care

Long Term Care

By Justin Fundalinski, MBA | January 15, 2015

  Long term care is often misunderstood on many levels and commonly ignored when retirement plans are developed. Many times the startling realities of long term care are realized later in life and by that time planning options become very limited.  After reading this it should be clear what long term care involves, how and Read more…

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