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Investment Management: The Need

Are You Prepared for Your Retirement?

Widespread retirement “under-saving”, inadequate 401(k) balances, sharp declines in the availability of company pensions, roller-coaster financial markets and uncertainty about Social Security have added to the anxiety many people feel when contemplating their retirement potential.

Modern advances in health care mean your retirement income streams may need to last 20, 30, or even more years. With the likelihood of living several decades in retirement your income needs will continually have to be adjusted for unforeseen expenses, inflation, market conditions, and government actions.

Does your investment management strategy have the potential to handle all this?

Take Advantage of Jim’s Sound Investment Management Process

Jim Saulnier built his financial planning practice on his successful two-step method: retirement planning and investment management. Jim separates the two because he knows that making wise investment decisions first requires a careful analysis of your specific retirement needs. As Jim puts it, “How can I tell you what to do with your money until I know what your money has to do for you?”

Once you have an understanding of what your retirement assets must accomplish, the key to effectively managing your portfolio is understanding the difference between the accumulation phase and distribution phase of portfolio management and recognizing which phase you are in. Jim’s well-defined investment advisory process helps you identify your phase, evaluates your retirement potential, establishes an appropriate investment policy and works with you to design an individualized allocation strategy geared exclusively to your retirement needs.

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